It's official...

Monday, June 15, 2009

After much procrastination I have decided to update our blog with some very interesting and exciting news...we are going to have a baby. Yep! That's right. There is going to be a combo of Keith and me running around this world in about 6 months. I am 13 weeks preggers (as my brother so kindly calls me these days). Keith is incredibly excited and I am recovering from the shock of things while my body settles into 6 more months of change. Everything has been pretty uneventful. I was fortunate not to face the dreaded morning sickness that I was so prepared for. I did however become an instant vegetarian! No meat for me! The fatigue is easing up, while the crazy dreams and insomnia are settling in. Overall, I am very excited, and I cannot wait for December. Yes! A Christmas Baby! December 22 to be exact! I have tons of ultrasound pictures that I promise to post sometime within the next several days! Hope everyone is doing well!

Love Wins!

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