Auburn Football

Monday, September 15, 2008

Keith, Me, and our dogs headed up to my brother's house on Saturday for a day of corn hole, hotdogs, and Auburn Football. Alabama was only on paperview, so Keith did not have a problem watching the game with me and about 12 other Auburn fans...he did stand strong and sported his BAMA shirt on gameday. The day itself was wonderful. Jonathan and Rachel set some tents up in their front yard, along with lots of Auburn gear. It was very warm, but there was a slight breeze to cool us off. Everyone played tons of corn hole and ate lots of awesome food. Auburn kicked off at 6 and so began one of the most stressful football games I have ever seen. Thanks to our defense Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2 (yes Keith I sounds more like a soccer score than a football score.) Next week Auburn plays LSU and Alabama plays Arkansas, so things should begin to get interesting. I have tons of pictures below that show how great the day was! Enjoy and God Bless!

War Eagle!

Rachel and Allison

JP's game face

Jonathan and Dad playing corn hole

My hubby and me

Jonathan and Carla working the grill

Keith and Price wrestling before the game

Kaitlyn in her cute Auburn shirt

Corn Hole!

War Eagle Dogs!

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Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we were able to celebrate Keith's parent's birthdays. His mother's birthday was Friday and his dad's birthday was yesterday. We celebrated with a trip to Flemmings. Keith and I had heard from numerous individuals that this resteraunt and the steaks were phenomenal, but I must say that I really did not think that it was that great. I am the kind of girl who believes that the best steaks are cooked at home on a charcoal grill, but nevertheless the evening was great. The dessert was the best. We had a Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream and two good! Keith and I got to dress up and go out...which we do not do that often. Keith actually wore dress pants, a button down shirt, and DRESS SHOES (he usually wears flops). We looked good, but I did not get a picture. We celebrated one more time on Sunday. I cooked a small lunch and we had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Keith followed up the afternoon with a nice long nap, and I did homework! Overall, the birthday weekend was a success!

Happy Birthday!

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House Divided

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have written before that Keith and I live in a house divided. Keith is an Alabama fan, and I am, wisely, an Auburn Fan. Keith has put forth a great effort this week to try and convert me to the other side, but I have not been shaken...WAR EAGLE! I am at home right now watching the Auburn-Southern Miss game and Keith is in Tuscaloosa with his dad preparing for the Alabama-Tulane game. Keith I hope you have a great time at the game, but you can forget about any conversion...I will forever bleed ORANGE and BLUE!

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The Generation-Beach Style

We headed out last Tuesday night to our final beach trip of the Summer. Keith, Jess, Matt, April, Cooper, Autumn, and I left Birmingham around 7:30 Tuesday night and made it to Destin in a little over 4 hours...thanks to Tom Tom. Our annual Generation beach retreat was scheduled for Labor day weekend, but we all decided to head down a little early and enjoy some extra time on the beach. After checking in at Sand Destin, we arrived to our room around 12:00 a.m. As soon as we heard Matt laughing we knew that something was not right. The room was the size of some walk in closets. After some laughing and a little planning, Matt called the front desk and politely asked for a room that he could "at least turn a cart wheel in". The woman on the other line laughed a little a then gave us a great upgrade. We moved to a two bedroom condo with a sleeper sofa and extra floor space. We finally settled in around 1:30 and we were all exhausted and quite delirious. The next morning we woke up at a descent time, and Jess and I took a trip to Publix. After shopping and spilling spaghetti sauce all over the parking deck, we all headed down to the beach. It was gorgeous and there was hardly anyone else on the beach. It was glorious! We spent the entire day on the beach...which is amazing for Keith and me...we are not big fans of the beach or the ocean. We went to eat that night at the Crab Trap. The food was great and Keith some got great pictures of our college minister's family. We ended the night on the balcony playing a "friendly" game of spoons.

The next day started a little earlier. The guys woke up in great spirits because the first football game of the season was on television that evening. It was very difficult pulling them away from Sports Center, but we made it back to the beach. Keith and I spent a little more time at the pool on Thursday, and he and Matt headed out early to start setting up for the retreat. The girls headed back to the condo to begin preparing dinner. Stephen, David, and Garrett joined us for spaghetti and some of Autumn's incredible Strawberry Punch Cake. The guys enjoyed watching the game...most were shirtless. April and Brent left us to travel down the beach to meet up with some other friends, and Cody (Autumn's boyfriend) joined us at Sand Destin.

We packed up again Friday morning and moved into the houses we would be staying in over the weekend. Keith and I decided to stay in different houses for the retreat. Jessica and I stayed together in the cutest little beach house. We had turtles in the pond behind our house and plenty of room to move around. The rest of the weekend was wonderful. The retreat was amazing and the weather held up until Sunday. I was forced to endure a house full of Alabama fans for the Saturday night upset against Clemson. Alabama did win, but so did Auburn...WAR EAGLE. We had planned to stay until Labor day, but we all headed home Sunday evening to avoid the possible wrath of Gustav. Overall the entire week was great. The end of our Summer could not have been any better.

The group on the beach

My hubby and me


Autumn dealing out the cards and Keith's handy camera work

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The Fish Market, Bowling, and Jacksons

Here are some pictures from our last double date with Amy and Sean.

Amy and Me at the bowling alley

Amy and Sean

Keith bowling...he won both games!

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The Horse Show

This post is little late, but I wanted to share this very historic day with all of you. About two weeks ago Keith got to experience something new...the country. Keith, Stephen, Matt, and I headed to Locust Fork to see our friend, Erin, in a horse show. Keith was able to experience his first horse up close and personal...he was scared to death. The guys also got to take part in their first cake walk. I was shocked...cake walks were a very common thing in the town where I grew up. I actually had to explain how this game worked to Keith. Erin did great in the show. She got 5th place in her first showing and 4th in her second. This was actual Rover's last competition as a show horse. He is now free of his "shoes" and running wild in a pasture. Matt also got to brush up on his horse showing skills when Erin let him warm up Rover before she showed the last time. After Erin finished her last competition the guys headed back home, and we all headed to Buffalo Wild Wings (one of our favorite resteraunts). The night ended as we all gathered around our television and watched Michael Phelps win his eighth gold medal. Here are some pictures from our day in Locust Fork.

Keith and Rover

Erin and Me in between her competitions

Matt warming up Erin's horse before her next competition

Matt giving Rover some love

Keith enjoying the cake walk


Erin and Rover during his last competition...Erin won 4th!

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Update Coming Soon!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It has been forever since I have updated, but life has been a little busy lately. The Generation Band did a D-Now weekend last weekend, and we headed to the beach last Tuesday. Not to mention school is in full force again, and you all know how much I love school! I will be updating soon...maybe tomorrow! But until then I pray that you are all having a great week! God Bless!

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