Monday, April 12, 2010

First of pictures of little Miss today. My husband (whom I love so much) cannot seem to email pictures so that I can upload them...I am not nearly as computer savy as he is, so I need things quick and easy. So onto the training...we ran on Saturday and biked another 5 miles yesterday. We biked in our neighborhood on Sunday (we had to ride the same route almost twenty times to get in the mileage) so it was a very flat, fast ride. We are still running separate so it is really boring, but we are getting it done. This week starts to pick up. We start running and swimming together in the same that should be interesting. I am going back to Zumba this week with my friends Amy and Maddie, and on Thursday the three of us are headed to the spa for a good long relaxing day together. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have to take a test on Wednesday, but after that my mind is set on the massage, hot tub, and sauna!

McKinley is still doing great. She is learning something new every single day. She is growing so fast. She loves books, especially the kinds filled with bright colors and different textures. We started reading Charlotte's Web on Saturday. I figured that it was never too early to start the classics. We also put together her exersaucer on Saturday and she loves to sit and play even though her little legs are still a little too short to reach the bottom (she does not get to play for very long.) We will be visiting the doctor for her 4 month check up and shots next week. My guess for the weigh in is somewhere between 12lbs. 13oz. and 13lbs. 4oz. Her personality is beginnning to develop. Overall I think she is going to be a perfect mixture of us both. Right now she loves to smile and pretend like she is shy, but she loves the attention.

I will post more pictures of our precious little girl as soon as I can...until then I hope everyone has a blessed week!

Love Wins

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Belinda said...

I love your blog, Stacey... especially the baby pics. She is so precious. (I love the black and white hot air balloon pic... beautiful).

Have fun at the spa.

Brittany said...

Ok, 1st: I'm super jealous of your spa day. Like SUPER jealous. 2nd: Where are yall swimming at?

Keith & Stacey said...

At the wellness center in Cullman. You should come with us one day. The facility is great.

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